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I guess back then I didn’t know. Know what, you ask? Who knows?

Scroll down and take a look at the version of me I’d let people see. By no means do any of those posts accurately depict any voice that is still inside of me, four years later.

Whether you take a look at me then or not, I hope you stick around to see what is to come…

There will be plenty of self and soul care, fashion, music, and memes. Take a breath and unwind with me…


Everyone Loves Goodie Bags!!!

Everyone Loves Goodie Bags!!!

With summer officially in swing, here comes the never-ending reapplication of sunscreen…all day everyday for the next 2 months. Can we say it unanimously…CLOGGED PORES!!! The idea of suffering through another summer with congested skin sent me running to the spa in search of a purifying facial.

The first place I thought of to entrust with my face was Mario Badescu’s Salon in Manhattan. Hey! If Naomi Campbell can accredit this place “to making her face”, I have to say, I am totally curious to see what can me done for me. Even my idols such as, Cher and Martha Stewart, have openly attributed their wonderfully youthful skin to getting facials at Mario Badescu.

I booked an appointment a week in advance just to ensure a spot, dodging the overbooked bullet like a champ! What was on the menu? A European Facial, on their website they state:

“Our European style facials are deep-cleansing treatments that address congested pores and dull, lackluster skin to leave you with a radiant, revitalized complexion. Our facial includes a detoxifying steam, gentle cleansing, light face and neck massage, extractions and customized treatment masks for your skin type. One of our product experts will then assist you in selecting an at-home skin care regimen to keep your skin looking its best between facials.”

If that sounds like the best way to kick off your summer skincare routine, then you and me can totally be besties. I got to the salon a half-an-hour early, I was super excited!!! As soon as I arrived I was attended to and assigned a facialist, Biata.

We started by removing whatever makeup or cream was on my skin then began the steam, which was a light refreshing mist that did not make it uncomfortable to breathe at all. After Biata began a light gentle cleansing and then she said that she started the extraction, to let me know if anything hurt… and to be honest, I really felt nothing at all. Her hands were so gentle yet effective. Not once did I cringe in pain or discomfort. After the cleansing process she spritzed my face with rose water and placed a cucumber mask to calm any swelling or redness. Then after 10 minutes she placed a collagen mask to plumpen the skin for that nice marshmallow-y texture =) Between the masks Biata lightly massaged my shoulders and temples to relieve any tension in my muscles. She also moisturized and massaged my hands.

After the whole process she did a final rinse and applied sunscreen for protection, eye cream to soothe, and lip conditioner as a finishing touch. Now that was just perfect, but next they certainly didn’t leave me empty handed. One of the lovely skin care specialist sat down with me for a skin consultation, inquiring about my problems, discomforts, and allergies. Afterwards she put together a goodie bag filled with skin care necessities for my oily/sensitive skin. What I loved most was not only did she give me multiples of each sample, but she also guided me through how each one should be used and how often! Talk about covering every detail!!!!

For the next couple days my skin felt so soft and smooth; it was still in the healing process after the extractions, but nothing that looked unattractive or felt uncomfortable. I stuck to the skin care they recommended and now a week and a half later my skin looks like it did when I was 16! Rewinding 10 years, as far as skin is concerned, is what I had been seeking all this time!

Through my hunt for the perfect skin care regimen, I have been through all the pain and frustration, and somehow this facial undid all the damage and the skincare products provided all the ingredients to keep the benefits coming!

Stay tuned as my next post will be all about what’s in my Goodie Bag and a small review on each product!!

If you are need of a facial and in the N.Y. area, I definitely recommend the Mario Badescu Salon… click the pic for a direct link to their website with all the information on what they provide and where they are located.

What is included in your summer skincare? Let me know! Tweet me @alostsavant

The Apocalips!: Rimmel Show Off Lip Lacquer.



One more day till it is officially Summer!!! One thing I am super excited to sport this Summer is ultra glowy skin and a neon lip, and I have found the perfect lip product to accommodate all my expectations!  

During the Summer months I like to keep my skin as product free as possible so that reapplying sunscreen is fuss free. I also love wearing light fabrics in very neutral colors. I don’t want to absorb any heat! Sweat is no one’s friend! I have found that the best way to look put together whilst maintaining such a minimalistic style (without seeming like a bore) is to have a nice pop of color on the lips!  

Rimmel’s Show Off Lip Lacquer in the color Apocaliptic is the perfect pop of color because the richly pigmented creamy formula is super long lasting. It does not move around or bleed. One would think that since it is so long lasting that it would be drying, not this lip lacquer! It is ultra conditioning and has a smooth satiny finish, which only enhances your glowy summer skin! Rimmel refers to this product as “Earth-shattering” because of the level of intensity the pigments provide and how lustrous it makes your lips look. A lipstick lipgloss that is super comfy to wear due to its very light consistency. IDEAL!

Now this product is not advertised as a stain or transfer proof so do expect to see lipstick marks on your glass if you have a drink, but the color does stay put, and reapplication is a breeze. I have found that in an 8 hour day I have only had to touch up once! And the doe-foot applicator makes for a very smooth and precise application as it has the dip in the center that grabs and holds the product.

I usually prefer that my lip products have as least fragrance as possible, this does have a fragrance but nothing offensive or off-putting at all… It actually smells of a watermelon Jolly Rancher, which is completely fine by me!

The ingredients aren’t anything mind-blowing, but one thing it does contain worth mentioning is the silk powder, maybe that is what gives it that lip hugging, soft caress for your lips kinda feeling =) And at six bucks a pop it is certainly worth exploring all the other color options, of which there are a whopping 14 colors!

Apocaliptic is a great bright pink that looks amazing on my tan make up free skin. I swipe a wash of shimmery champagne shadow on my lids and a couple swoops of mascara and I am ready to go! You know me by now, always looking for the lazy girl pretty way to get it done! And this certainly does the trick.

Have you tried any other of the colors? What is your favorite lip product for the summer?! Let me know in the comments below or tweet me @alostsavant



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The Cover Story: Maybelline FIT me! Concealer

The Cover Story: Maybelline FIT me! Concealer

In our quest for perfect skin, sometimes the perfect skincare routine is just not enough. Sometimes our lifestyle choices (or hey sometimes sh*t happens, like not sleeping for more than 2 hours because life just sucks that way) kicks us in the butt and there we go! We have some crazy dark circles or a huge zit on your forehead and your left like, WTF! WHAT NOW?!

Well that’s when some great concealer comes into the picture, literally^.

Maybelline FIT me! concealer is the answer to every girl who is vying for that “I Woke Up this Way” kinda look. This lightweight concealer provides a natural finish while covering up imperfections like a boss! The creamy gel-like texture smooths out effortlessly making application an absolute breeze, which is perfect for when the Snooze-button won the race of time against you. Swipe the doe foot applicator on any blemish/dark spots and whether you choose to blend it out with a brush or your finger, you are winning. And there is no need to really go heavy setting it, I just manage to lightly pat on powder and my skin seems flawless all day! Even on my 12 hour work days! The only thing that usually would need touching up is my powder…

Maybelline states that the ease and natural finish this concealer provides is attributed to its exclusive translucent base and lightweight pigments. And if you are anything like me, sensitive skinned, this is a great option as there are no waxes, oils or fragrances. No nonsense, no fuss, perfect for a lazy girl’s beauty routine.

I really tried hard to find something wrong with this concealer and I guess if we are going to be super finicky they just don’t come enough color options. I use the medium color which I find blends really well with my olive skin tone, and there are only 5 other options… and from my perspective that is so much better than other companies that only provide 3 options.

The price point is an absolute steal given that you could find this as inexpensive as $4 at Target on sale. Some say this is comparable to the Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer, I have yet to try and compare, but with Maybelline doing it right at 6 bucks max I don’t really see a reason to. I’m addicted and I am not ashamed to admit it!

Have you tried the Nars Radiant Cream Concealer and Maybelline FIT me!? What are your thoughts on the comparison? What’s your favorite concealer? Let me know! Leave a comment or tweet me @alostsavant

Priya ❤

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A Splash of Color: L’Oreal Colour Riche Caresse Aqua Lip Lacquer



When the YSL Rouge Pur Couture Vernis à Lèvres Glossy Stains were released guess who jumped up and down rejoicing and rushed to Sephora to purchase one in every color?! ME!!! Well, I only ended up buying one because I wasn’t too sure about how it would wear on me, though it got rave reviews. I was so excited about my purchase and went home excitedly readily plastering it on my lips. I had no complaints until I realized how it wore off, it was patchy and left serious bare spots and serious lacquered parts. I bought a very bright color so this was not very flattering at all.

I loved the color, I loved the texture and I loved the fact that you could layer the color for more intensity, but patchiness is not good at all in my book.

I was so disappointed, I returned it =(

Needless to say I was still obsessed and would always walk over to the YSL counter and just stare at the other colors and wonder, “What if I just tried another color?” But like a horrible ex boyfriend after a REAL bad break up, I was just too reluctant to jump right back in. Then, L’Oreal released the Colour Riche Caresse Aqua Lip Lacquer which was supposed to be a dupe for YSL’s Glossy Stains. I figured what the heck at a quarter of the price why not give it a shot! And I don’t regret my decision on bit!

At first I purchased only one, Endless Red, I jumped in with a bright one, why not?! I loved it! the color went on sheer and is completely buildable. Living up to its name, the consistency is watery and feels light, cool, and hydrating like water! It doesn’t fade unevenly or feel plastic-y at all. The shine never wore off even after meals and drinks. The color does fade after eating but definitely nothing unflattering. L’Oreal states that:

 “Packed with 30% water, Colour Caresse shine stain leaves lips soft, comfortable and hydrated for up to six hours. A revolutionary  luminous lip color formula utilizes L’Oreal Paris’ exclusive Lightfeel System technology–a combination of polymers and strengthening  base that feels weightless on lips. Packed with ultra-hydrating omega 3, vitamin E, and moisturizing argan oil, L’Oreal Paris Colour  Riche Caresse Aqua Lip Lacquer keeps lips soft, smooth and supple thanks to its high-quality ingredients.”

I concur!

The packaging is sleek, easy to tote in a teensy clutch or even just to throw into a pocket, and the applicator is so genius! The doe foot is not your traditional doe foot, it is almond shaped, which contours to your lips so nicely that I found no mirror was necessary. It also has a dip in the center which holds just enough product for one even swipe! 

I enjoyed Endless Red so much so that I went ahead and purchased a more neutral color, Lilac Ever After. This color wore just as well, and usually I am not a fan of shimmer in my lip products but the slight golden shimmer added a nice luxe wet-lipped look to this already glossy finish. The color is wonderfully buildable, it starts off as a sheer purple-y nude and really builds to a sophisticated lilac color, and the golden shimmer gives it a kick that would make it suitable for every skin tone. It is the expensive looking, easy wear kinda lip gloss. IDEAL.

Now, I do have some complaints :/ This is not the most kissable lip product at all! The scent is very chemically which is not very sexy at all. While the gloss is long lasting and never transfers, and so is the color, there’s no need to ever lick your lips…And no one else would want to! Your lips look luscious and enticing but the scent is not appealing nor is the texture. It is not slippery or creamy to the other person, it is quite sticky and even uncomfortable for you during the kiss. 

My recommendation, L’Oreal Colour Riche Caresse Aqua Lip Lacquer is great for everyday wear. The quality is great, the color and comfort of the gloss is beautiful and flattering! This a wonderful gloss for a night out with your girls, a wedding, a work day, anything really as long as there will be NO KISSING. 

Have you tried any long wearing lip products that are kissable? Let me know!


Priya ❤

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Comeback of the Year!: The Scrunchie

Comeback of the Year!: The Scrunchie

If you grew up in the 90s you know all too well there are tons of comebacks of classic 90s fashion: the grungy plaid shirts, babydoll floral dresses, chokers, Dr. Marten’s boots. I grew up watching Blossom, Brotherly Love and Boy Meets World, and I was dying to grow up and have the privilege to wear the same clothes as my favorite characters (I went to private school, I wore a dull maroon uniform -_- ) So guess who couldn’t be happier in a pair of overalls, combat boots, crop top and an oversized hoodie!!!

I didn’t quite realize yet that scrunchies made a comeback too! That was until I was flipping through a cheesy tabloid magazine and I spotted Cressida Bonas (Prince Harry’s lovely and enviable ex) wearing one!!! I just died! I literally did a happy dance while holding the magazine at the magazine stand in the Subway! She donned a pair of gray skinnies, a navy henley and black, white and red plaid jacket… long necklace, velvet scrunchie and all!!! I mean come on! If that doesn’t spell cool girl classic I have no idea what does!

When I got home I pulled out my stash and I remembered exactly why they were such a beloved item by girls across the world! If you are a long, heavy haired girl like I am, you know that those little elastics really do nothing except pull at parts of your hair, gives you head aches and snap out pieces of your hair… and to boot, they you have to keep retying and redoing you pony tail or bun through out the day. I always keep one on hand in any case but I prefer to wear my hair down because self induced head aches are just not my kinda thing.

Scrunchies on the other hand are like swaddlers for your hair. Put your half up, no pulling. Put you hair in a top bun, you won’t get a headache! And when you’re taking your hair down there’s no dreaded entanglements or pulling out of strands. The scrunchie just does what it is supposed to do, hold your hair up with is soft, gentle self.
My favorite scrunchies are the ones you can purchase at Ricky’s. They are a soft jersey fabric with either sides lightly elasticized. I find that the light elasticity on either sides of the scrunchie really does well at allowing for even distribution of support for your hair and provides a long comfortable wearability.

I strongly believe in good hair care. I keep my hair natural, rarely ever putting heat or any sort of strain on it and that is why I find the scrunchie so awesome. It is not one of those hair ties that make you cringe when you have to put your hair up or take it down and it also protects the longevity of the strands by not breaking them. For me the scrunchie is the comeback of the year solely because I’m am totally down with preserving all the strands of my lioness mane and rocking cute 90s fashion. And hey! even if its not your thing to wear outside of the house, swap your elastics out for scrunchies to wear at home, the less breakage the better. They can be your pajamas for your hair! =)

Let me know if you’ll be donning a scrunchie on Twitter or Instragram @alostsavant #scrunchielove
I’d love to hear what you think about them since I am throughly obsessed!

P.S. Click the photo for Cressida’s inspirational scrunchie looks along with a blog post about the shared love of the scrunchie =)
Priya ❤

Ladurée Macarons In a Bottle???

Ladurée Macarons In a Bottle???

“Ohh something smells sweet!!”. This compliment, for years, has been owed to Pink Sugar by Aquolina. I have always reveled in the fact that I smelled of cotton candy and it made people smile, because these sweet scents suit my bubbly personality.

After about 5 years and endless bottles of the liquid sugar I somehow grew tired of it, I guess my personality developed, I grew more complex; less smiley, and perhaps a bit more sultry and tons more sarcastic. Somehow I no longer felt Pink Sugar-y anymore. I wondered what’s next?!

I didn’t end up on an a perfume hunt, in stead I let my perfumes come to me by chance. I believe in a karmic connection, scents should be stumbled upon in a memorable moment, so that when I think of the first time I smelt it feelings of pure bliss fall upon me. You know, something like love at first sniff =)

A stroll through Nordstrom on a rainy Spring day brought me to Laura Mercier eau Gourmande Crème de Pistache. Eau Gourmande meaning gourmet water, FOR MY BODY?! I was intrigued to say the least. I spritzed my wrist and went on with my shopping spree, but I just couldn’t stop sniffing this luscious, sultry scent.

I didn’t commit just yet I needed to think. Should I drop my beloved Pink Sugar just because I was bored and pick up this seductive new fragrance. Lo and behold later that year for Christmas I was gifted this body set and I figured my oh my you were meant to be in my life!

Eau Gourmande Creme de Pistacho is a delicious fragrance that captures the essence of pistachio nut, almond, praline, and hazelnut. This unusual blend is infused with bergamot and fruity nectars, mixed with whipped cream, white orchid, honey and caramel. The sultry aspect is lended to soft woody aromas, vanilla and the bitter sweet Mexican chocolate.

The body and hand creams include ingredients like grape and olive oils to soften and moisturize, and soy proteins rich in amino acids help in the repair process keeping your skin supple. So luxurious to touch and smell Laura Mercier proves not only can she produce quality makeup but can seduce with fragrances that are rich, sumptuous and sophisticated. Perfect to wear day or night, and has even transitioned well from winter to early spring without feeling heavy or overwhelming.

I am definitely interested in scoping out the other flavors 😉 and even the honey bath and scrub as I am sure they will be wonderful guilt free treat, except maybe for your wallet… but hey luxury does come with a price =)

We have a diet friendly fix to our macaron cravings!!! And I have found a scent that fulfills my new grown up “palate”.

Have you tried any of the other flavors? What are you thoughts?


Priya ❤

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